About us
About us
Our impact on YouTube
Channel & Youtube strategy

30+ Brands we've helped thrive on YouTube

Video production

125+ Videos we've produced

Youtube optimization

350+ Channels & content we've optimized

Asset protection

1M+ Assets we are currently protecting

Meet the team

With our rebellious mind and hard work we like to set the tone. We combine data and creativity to develop performance-driven YouTube channels that make an impact and leave a lasting impression.

Henri Lessing

Managing Partner

Jeffrey Pater

Global Network Manager

David Cheng

YouTube Growth Specialist

Jennifer Feaster

Managing Partner

Annemarie Overwijn

Music Strategist

Gregory Edelenbos

Creative Strategist

Henk van der Wijk

Data Analyst & YouTube Specialist

Time for action, let's get creative together

Time for action, let's get creative together