About us
About us
Our impact on YouTube
Channel & Youtube strategy

30+ Brands we've helped thrive on YouTube

Video production

125+ Videos we've produced

Youtube optimization

350+ Channels & content we've optimized

Asset protection

1M+ Assets we are currently protecting

Meet the team

With our rebellious mind and hard work we like to set the tone. We combine data and creativity to develop performance-driven YouTube channels that make an impact and leave a lasting impression.

Henri Lessing

Managing Partner

Jeffrey Pater

Global Network Manager

Douwe Kolk

Head of Projects & Operations

Jennifer Feaster

Managing Partner

Isko Ramljak

Senior Developer

Annemarie Overwijn

Music Strategist

Gregory Edelenbos

Creative Strategist

Henk van der Wijk

Data Analyst & YouTube Specialist

Time for action, let's get creative together

Time for action, let's get creative together