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Mastering the YouTube game is already quite a challenge for content creators, and especially for brands aiming to create successful branded content. The secret is to develop content that seamlessly aligns with the platform’s style – in other words, YouTube native content. Do you think this is reserved only for major players? Think again! Even small shops and emerging businesses can apply this winning strategy, just as you can see on the YouTube channel of DKOldies; a store for retro video games. It’s time to level up!

Nostalgia at its finest

DKOldies harnesses the power of nostalgia by showcasing retro gaming content. Their videos take us back to the golden age of gaming, evoking emotions and memories that resonate with their target audience – gamers who grew up with classic game consoles and games.

Capitalizing on trends

The DKOldies team closely monitors YouTube trends and creates content around popular formats, such as unboxings. As a result, their content stays current and allows them to ride the trends, generating more views and engagement.

Interactive and engaging

When it comes to native YouTube content, it’s all about interaction, and DKOldies has mastered this completely. They encourage viewers to participate through comments, polls, and challenges, resulting in a loyal fanbase. But even more importantly, they stimulate both purchases and sales by integrating orders and deliveries into their videos.

Authenticity is crucial

In the world of YouTube, authenticity is essential, and DKOldies fully embraces this. Their videos feature genuine reactions and spontaneous moments from their own team members, building trust with their audience and creating a sense of camaraderie.


To maintain an engaged audience, DKOldies adheres to a consistent upload schedule, allowing viewers to anticipate new content.

Embracing YouTube native content can work wonders for brands across various sectors. By creating content that aligns with the platform’s unique dynamics, you can unlock new opportunities for growth, visibility, and brand loyalty.

Let’s draw inspiration from DKOldies and their success story on YouTube to enrich our own marketing strategies with the magic of YouTube native content. Whether you’re a gaming brand like DKOldies or operate in a different niche, YouTube offers a dynamic playground to connect with your audience like never before.